Black faction corps is the military arm of Black Faction Corperation. BLC is the largest and oldest Neon-Dark Extraction company operating in the ZONE. With approximately 100,000 plus employees, they have a large infrastructure within and outside of the zone.

Originally started by a handful of scientists in the first decade after the event, BLI was the first company to employ the use of Barbiturate's to disable AZologoth for Neon-Dark Extraction. Shortly after the discovery they began to hire and train women to perform the task of Neon-Dark extraction.

After losing hundreds of employees during extractions they had difficulty finding enough employees to keep up with production. A tender was put out and a weapons company called ZuVic came up with the Barbiturate delivery rifle along with more powerful chemicals.

Training of small extraction squads commenced and once applied in the field they were able to demonstrate a safer work environment for prospective employees & their recruitment rate increased dramatically along with their Neon-Dark production.

Shortly After their tender was fulfilledanother large company in the area, Caterina Extraction Services opted for the same tactics in dealing with the Azologoth.

When extraction squads from either company crossed paths over a very large and lucrative Azologoth the owners of both companies ordered their women to fire upon the opposing extraction teams.

Black Faction emerged victorious defeating Caterina's women and capturing dozens upon dozens of extraction employees. The directors seeing themselves in a state of war over element now treated the prisoners as enemy assets, throwing them into the Azologoth.

Since then both have rapidly militarized and have grown their forces to massive numbers.

Black Faction Corps is wholly privately owned.  

Captain Jayda
Captain Jayda Combat Attire

Black Faction Command Units.

Black Faction Command Units are selected from the ranks according to a set of performance parameters. No unit is up for consideration until a full 4 year term as a regular combat unit is completed. Generally units who show initiative in over extending orders or high proficiency in tasking are moved into the role of squad leader. But generally Command units from Attack group commanders to Zone commanders have had 6 to 8 years experience as a general purpose unit.

Pictured above is the infamous Captain Jayda on the right she is wearing a ZG17 gas filtration combat mask which can filter heavy HBG (heavy barbiturate gas) used in incapacitating deeper into Azologoth.

Black Faction Elite Unit
Black Faction Elite Unit Firing

Specialist Elite Contingent unit.

The Specialist Elite Contingent (SEC) are a group of highly trained well performing units selected from the regular combatant ranks.

There is no application process to become a SEC unit, the recruitment is mandatory and they are removed from what ever operation they are deployed to and replaced. They are then put through an intensive 3 month long training program where they learn how to operate heavy weapons, water and land vehicles and also fly micro air transport. 

All SEC units are stored and operated from Black Faction Hq and answer directly to no one else by High command. They are permitted to utilize any combat unit they need to complete a mission.

Their primary armament is the Heavy Barbiturate Assault Gun (H-BAG) which delivers a much larger round at longer range, but packs 4 times the amount of chemical & disperses small gas clouds on impact, which can dis-orient, disable or eliminate nearby units. 

Highly valued to the company support squads of regular combatants are always on station to get them out of sticky situations.


The Black Faction Combat unit is synonymous with the power projection of the company. This large private army carries out all of Black Factions dirty work from extracting Neon-Dark from Azologoth to fighting competing companies for Azologoth sites.

Generally treated as disposable, young women are lured into the role by the extremely high pay. Once recruited they are signed to a 4 year contract where only on completion are they paid out. Incentives such as kill & extraction bonuses are offered and a girl can walk away from service to Black Faction with $4-6 million credits. But if killed in duty for the their pay is cycled back into the company.

Fighting people, large carnivorous creatures, dangerous terrain and all sorts of other hazards induce fear and apprehension.

The Over-Ride Compliance Implant (ORC) is installed upon commencement of service. Scrambling Neuro response's to fear & apprehension the ORC implant essentially strips them oftheir free will. Preventing them from dis-obeying any order.

Under the control of the implant the women will sacrifice themselves with no hesitation for the company. This aspect is a good part of why Black Faction Corps is the dominant force on the island however it is sometimes abused by certain command units.

Armed with the light BDR-3.34mm Barbiturate Delivery Rifle, they become very dangerous under competent command in large numbers. The BDR-3.34mm has an effective range of 90meters in clear weather, beyond that and the slug begins to come apart through the air.