The weapons catalogue used by currently by Black Faction Corps are all based around Barbiturate delivery via high velocity projectile.

Ultra powerful Barbiturate deliverywas developed primarily for defeating Azologoth as the blood of these creatures is extremely toxic & the fumes are deadly at some distance. Putting the creatures into a "deep sleep" or killing them with these chemical weapons allows extraction to occur without the dangers of the toxic fumes escaping.

3.34mm BDR projectile

3.34mm BDR projectile

The rounds consist of Barbiturate powder compacted under pressure to to form projectiles. The lower portion of the round is encased in a polymer jacket to withstand the pressures of the propellant gas when fired.

The tip consists of larger sized crystalline powder to provide a more rigid structure for traveling through the air where the core consists of ultra fine micronized crystalline powder to penetrate into micro abrasions on the surface of the flesh & pass trans dermal into the circulatory system of Azologoth or human.

Maximum effective range for such a round is 90 meters give or take 10 meters depending on weather conditions. At ranges beyond the compacted tip begins to disintegrate sending the round into a tumble & wrecking accuracy. They can still injure or disable enemy units at these ranges but are typically useless against Azologoth.

Encasing the tip in any sort of jacket will result in the breakage of the skin of an Azologoth & the subsequent release of toxic material. 

BDR rifle Cutaway

BDR rifle Cutaway

The Barbiturate Delivery Rifle or BDR is the primary weapon in use by all companies in the zone. Conventional, Gauss rail or plasma based weaponry is incredibly unstable around patches of atmospheric radiation. Developed by ZuVic industries for primary use against azologoth, the BDR is an Automatic Hypergaulicpowered gas rifle. (Hypergaulic is a word play on the term Hypergolic by its principle designer in reference to iron age witch craft).

Based on the 20th centuryassault rifle Steyr AUG, the design deemed the most suitable to fit all of the gas components inside the weapon without having to retrofit components onto the outside.

Key in mind during the design process was not necessarily power, high velocity or range, but accuracy at close range and magazine capacity. The ability to hit a tentacle dozens of times through its length is what can disable an azologoth more effectively. Larger more potent rounds can deliver more to each area hit, however the creatures relatively slow circulatory system delays it being carried sufficiently fast enough to render a tentacle incapacitated.

The BDR's 230 round capacity magazine gives combat units enough rounds to combat any threat before a magazine change. Eachunit typically carries one spare magazine however the gas cells limit is 500 rounds, just in-excess of 2 magazines. If a unit is presented with a situation where they have to fire more than 500 rounds they are either being wasteful with company ammunition or the intensity of the conflict is high & there are likely to be eliminated units nearby where they can obtain another BDR.