The Ecosystem of The Azologoth.

Shortly after the event random deposits of Neon-Dark were scattered throughout the surface of the island. Azologoth a plant like mutation began to grow around it,  soaking minerals from the surrounding soil the creature is actually photo-sensitive compared to celestial plant life. Instead of converting energy from sunlight the Azologoth thrives from the radiation emitted by the Neon-Dark.

The Azologoth vary in size, shape, vertical orientation, color but all of them possess the similar Characteristics of surface opening, tentacles, digestive tract, Neon Dark Branch sacs & Maw.

Azologoth Cutaway

Despite the dangers, companies operating in the zone aggressively pursuit acquisition of Neon Dark. In this money driven pursuit many pass through the Maw for digestion.

Other Azologoth Ecosystem species.

azologoth worm

Feeder worm

Feeder worms are produced by Azologoth & roam freely consuming mainly plant material. Emerging the size of a grain of rice they can grow to the size of a small car. Slow moving & consuming mainly plant material they are generally considered non dangerous to humans.

The life cycle of these worms feeds directly back to the Azologoth. They are born and grow rapidly consuming all of the material they can while passing no waste. They are then captured by an azologoth tentacle and pulled in for digestion where the Azologoth grows & releases more feeder worms.

No Data available

Ground liquifier

Parts of the terrain of Mallera-9 are so unstable to the point they are partially or wholly liquid in texture. Because of the slimish nature of the material that is making the ground become unstable, it is hypothesized that creatures lay far below the surface that secrete highly ozmatic fluid to catch prey in goo traps.